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altFirst Missionary Baptist Church defines “Ministry” as satisfying the physical needs (James 2:15-16) as well as the spiritual needs (John 3:15) of those interested in permanently changing their lives for the better. Jesus said “The thief (devil) cometh but to steal, kill and destroy (life); I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” Therefore, all of our ministries are designed to lead sinners to Jesus, for there is no better life without Him.


Some of our larger ministries at First Missionary include:





The Creative Learning Center Second Chance Homes Soldiers for Christ


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Other ministries at First Missionary include:


First Missionary Baptist Church is a family-oriented ministry, and as such we do all we can to strengthen the very foundation of the family – a strongly united husband and wife.

Once each month, “I’s Married Now,” the married couples ministry division of FMBC, and their guest couples meet at various places for fun, fellowship, relationship workshops, family development lectures and much much more!

This ministry is designed to encourage couples to rekindle the fire that drew them together. Couples learn to enjoy each other again, how to conquer marital enemies, and have a happy, un-interrupted loving relationship.

The couples travel as a group for various activities such as bowling and cooking out, and are available to call each other if they simply need a friends' listening ear.

“I’s Married Now” is only open to married heterosexual couples as God honours marriage as a blessed union between one man and one woman. No engaged couples, same sex couples, or cohabitating unmarried couples can participate in the activities to allow stronger bonding for the blessed institution of marriage. However a couples Sunday school is available every Sunday morning at 9 am for heterosexual married and engaged couples planning to be married within the year.




The objective of the Little Brothers/Little Sisters program is to provide character development education to boys and girls ages six through 12. The eight components of character education that we focus on are:


  • Caring
  • Citizenship
  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Self-Discipline
  • Trustworthiness


Information is provided in the form of lectures, discussions, role-playing games, audio-visual lessons, and guest speakers. Many sessions are conducted separately, but the boys and girls are brought together for testing and training and to monitor their development.

The Little Brothers/Little Sisters ministry also visits various nursing homes and aging facilities to bring joy, laughter, and God’s love to the elderly in the area who may be unable to regularly attend church.

Little Brothers/Little Sisters has proven to be a great ministry with much success for our next generation!




The FMBC Outreach Bible Study meets every other Tuesday evening at 7 pm in private homes and nursing facilities in the community. It is a way to bring God's word to God's people on a more personal level. Outreach also provides a way for some who may be bed ridden or otherwise confined to their home and unable to come out to regular weekly church services to receive the word of God and fellowship with like minded Christians.

The Outreach Prayer Band is headed by Deacon and Deaconess Horace and Betty Criswell. After opening with song and prayer, the word is delivered by one of the prayer band members and is followed by testimony service.

If you are interested in attending Outreach Bible Study, or hosting an evening in your home, please contact FMBC at 910-692-2022 during office hours.




This is a young people's (12-18 years) Bible study group that meets each Tuesday evening at 6 pm. Teenagers study the Bible using games, drama, poetry, improvisations, videos and other means.

The mission of Teens Anonymous is to motivate teens to study the Bible and livto apply it to their lives from a young age. If we train children in God's way of life, when they are older, they will not depart from it. This ministry allows teens to talk about issues that they may not be comfortable talking to their parental figures about in a free, Christian environment, and find helps them find Biblical ways to solve their problems.

Christian values help us to live productive and moral lives, yield strong character, and offer a solid foundation for life building. With the influence of the world so great on our teens today, Teens Anonymous can help to show them another way. Let your teenager visit us each week to fellowship with like-minded, Christian teens. If transportation is needed, please contact the church during office hours.