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The First Missionary Baptist Church Second Chance Ministry provides a furnished, Christian-disciplined home to those men and women in need who are trying to get their lives together, get help, and be a help to their community.

The ministries provide skilled, Christian counselling regarding God’s promise and plan for believers in need in a controlled environment.  Second Chance places each resident on a three month life development plan which includes:

  • A Self-discipline course: Mentoring and teaching residents how to conquer fear, addictions, and low self-esteem through Christ.
  • Job Training: Instruction in vocational training at designated locations; interview training, application skills, resume preparation, an effective job search, etc.
  • Money Management: A course teaching simple banking (checking/savings accounts balancing and managing, bill paying, budget plan).
  • Independent Living: Preparing the resident to rent his or her own dwelling and accept responsible independent living habits.

The Second Chance homes are staffed with trained individuals who believe in God’s word and care for those who are being offered a second chance through Christ.