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The Soldiers for Christ Ministry is a project-oriented group of men who dress in Battle dress uniform to wage war against poverty, child neglect, senior citizen loneliness and much more.

Every month, those soldiers undertake a fund raising project to help a needy person or family.  They bring food during Thanksgiving and year-round, toys for children at Christmas, clothes for children during back to school preparations, fuel/oil for seniors, and much more.


  • To help the elderly and single parent families.
  • To emphasize the need for men in the community.
  • To build strong bonds between men and boys, fathers and sons.
  • To encourage men to accept their God given responsibility as leaders, providers, and protectors of God's needy people.

These are real Christian fighting men who seek to eliminate the real enemy of man (Satan, the devil of Ephesians 6:12).  For more information, or if you would like information on how to become one of FMBC’s Soldiers for Christ, please contact the church office.